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News archive - 2012


Added custom list checkboxes to "Add new item type" form in warehouse. This allows you to add that item type also to your chosen custom list(s) straight away. Now you don't have to edit custom list(s) separately after adding new item type to warehouse.


Warehouse has now column sorting. Clicking on column headers will sort according to that column. It's javascript so refresh browser cache.


Users can now change their eve-cost user password on account settings page.


Updated data dump to Retribution 1.0.7-463858.


Updated data dump to Retribution 1.0.6-406848.


Fixed a bug in IndustryJobs API call parsing where it would leave old Jobs open when latest API call did not contain those old Jobs data. Now it will close open jobs automatically in that situation.


Fixed a ordering bug in Queue page. Now it orders projects by project creation time in ascending order, this means older projects are top and newer are further bottom.

Fixed filter characters dropdown menu on Assets page. It would float on the assets table.

Enabled gzip on the website for faster page loading. Users with slower internet should have the pages load faster now. If there are any errors which are not supposed to be there, specially with ajax requests, please report them asap.


Updated data dump to Retribution 1.0.2. Thanks [CCP]PrismX for fixing the dump.


Added Queue. Queue is basically a list of shopping carts. It allows you to make new shopping lists(projects) while existing projects are still waiting for materials without mixing or confusing with other lists or projects. New projects or adding to existing project is done from Cart. If you see something fishy please report all bugs asap via eve-mail or forum topic.

Project saving is coming soon too. So you can save projects and load them anytime without having to make new lists everytime for alike recurring lists.

Fixed warehouse white screen. Warehouse yellow rows now represent items which are in both Queue and Cart.


WARNING: Current Retribution data dump has some bugs in it. So you know when you see something fishy. CCP released a buggy data dump.

On request added back the Refining calculator link. The link is available under Reprocessing calculator.

Fixed couple of finance calculation bugs in Refining and Reprocessing calculators.

Improved Cart backend a bit.

Removed item images from Assets list. Huge assets list would load long time and be a performance hit with loading all the images.

Added Character filter to Assets page.(refresh)


Added "Add Materials To Warehouse" button to Reprocessing calculator. (Add materials to warehouse button adds "Materials you receive" table materials to warehouse. It will use quantity column as quantity and one unit price fields as price, so be sure to fill those price fields. If any type of material does not exist in warehouse, it will be added automatically. You must configure auto buy/sell settings for these yourself from warehouse page) (Refresh browser cache)

Fixed couple of bugs relating to the new materials to warehouse button on reprocessing page.

Removed Refining calculator link from main menu. Renamed Reprocessing calculator menu link to "Reprocessing & Refining".

Added Remove All button to Reprocessing calculator. It clears all items from the tables. Also individual remove buttons for each row is now a button element instead of anchor.

Added Copy button to Reprocessing calculator for currently reprocessing item rows. You can use it to copy rows of the same items for example to calculate reprocessing value of differently priced stacks of items.

Updated Icon and Types images to Retribution 1.0. Data dump is still Inferno 1.2. Data dump will be updated as soon as it becomes available.

Updated data dump to Retribution 1.0.


Updated all javascript librariers to latest versions: jQuery, jQueryUI, timePicker(for jQueryUI datepicker) and qTip2.


Research calculator skill settings are now hidden under "Toggle Settings" button like rest of the calculators.

Fixed couple of bugs across the application where some input fields would not accept comma as decimal separator.

Warehouse Copy Parser is now javascript based and fixed a bug when adding items through copy parser would always produce quantity+1 to warehouse.

Made some improvements in back-end code in javascript and css. (refresh browser cache)

Couple of searches have been improved performance wise. End-user might not see a difference, but it's better server wise.

Added Reprocessing calculator. Refining calculator will be replaced with Reprocessing calculator soon, since they serve the exact same purpose.


Overhauled the Research calculator. It now shows levels up to 999 which have an effect on the production time or manufacturing cost. (refresh browser cache)

Fixed various bugs in Research calculator.


Fixed error when it would throw duplicate entry for "PRIMARY" key in Assets page. Due to that fix, all assets have been deleted. Just update from API and all should be fine again.


Copy parser should work with all localized number formats now.

Fixed invention Add to Cart button. (refresh browser cache)

Changed the look and functionality of the main menu. Had to make room for new buttons. New style allows a lot more buttons.


Added item copy parser to warehouse. Basically it's another way to add items to warehouse manually. Details or List view in inventory in-game allows you to select items and then copy them by using simply ctrl + c key combination. This way you can just ctrl + v that to the copy parser textarea and press Parse.



First of all update browser cache, this is important, otherwise "Add To Cart" button wont work properly.

If you save blueprint settings in manufacturing calculator, now it saves "Runs" amount as well. This means you can save custom "Runs" amounts which should make it a bit more convenient if you don't want to build exactly the blueprint default Runs amount. Also added default blueprint Runs amount next to the Runs input field. It's a shortcut button to fill Runs amount input field with the default one.

"# of blueprints" input field deleted which was used by "Add To Cart" button. You define how many runs you're gonna make only from the Runs input field now.

IMPORTANT: From now on Cart has "Runs" column and from now on "Runs" column will show number of runs. Existing items in Cart currently still show the old number. New ones will show proper Runs number.

Moved "Add To Cart" button next to "Process To Warehouse" on manufacturing calculator. This should be more convenient.

Fixed a missing / from manufacturing calculator auto link generation under the item image.

Fixed "Save Price" button in "General Results" box on manufacturing calculator.

Added # of units calculation to "General Results" box on manufacturing calculator.


Fixed a bug with the manufacturable material calculator button opening empty calculator. Now it should open that specific material calculator.(refresh browser cache)

EVE-Cost passed 1000 registered users milestone.


Fixed bug in Jobs list when it would show some rows doubled.

Added Assets page. Assets page imports all your active characters assets. It's still in beta so be aware. Make sure you have AssetList ticked on your API key.


Fixed a timezone bug in Jobs page when checking job status.

Invention calculator accepts typeid parameter from url now. Example: /invention/index/typeid/1318

On Cart page "Delete to calc" button now directs blueprints to invention calculator.

Fixed a bug on warehouse add type page, the form will not throw "field required" error on empty price or amount field anymore. It automatically will use zero on empty field.

Added a restirction to adding new API key. Keys can't share characters anymore. This means, if you are trying to add a key with a character on it which already exists on different key you have added, then it wont allow you to add that key. Corporation and Character/Account keys are treated separately, so you can have personal and corp keys both for a character.


Added a description of EVE-Cost to front page.


Corporation keys can be added now under account settings.

Added Corp industryjobs fetching to Jobs page.


Added material installation slot modifier to manufacturing calculator. It is needed if you do manufacturing in Advanced or Rapid assembly arrays. (refresh browser cache)

Improved some backend code relating to API. Prepearing for implementation of Corporation keys for wallet and jobs.


Added EVE time to the upper right corner of the website.

Added new syntax for manufacturing calculator url referral. Before it was "/calculator/index/12003". New syntax is "/calculator/index/typeid/12003" and url accepts new parameters as well now.

New parameters are: me, pe, runs, marketprice, blueprintprice. Example url can be "/calculator/index/typeid/12003/me/-6/pe/-4/runs/10/marketprice/180000000.65/blueprintprice/1023489.84". As you see the pattern, each parameter has the value following it. All parameters are optional except typeid, if you are using referral url. You can easily just use for example "/calculator/index/typeid/12003/me/-6/pe/-4/blueprintprice/1023489.84".

The url link under item image is updating live automatically as you type the parameters to input fields, so you can create urls with it.


Added cart feature to invention calculator. Now you can add invenvtion shopping list to Cart as well.

Added "Save Skill Settings" button to invention calculator. While logged in you can now save your specific datacore and encryption skill levels. (refresh browser cache)


Added EVE-Central price fetching to invention calculator.

All EVE-Central price fetching settings have The Forge region and Jita system as default when settings have not been saved.

EVE-Central price fetching does not required users to be logged in anymore. (EVE-Central price update is cached 4 hours per typeID)


Added decryptor modifier info to invention calculator. Modifier info is shown when you select a decryptor from the select menu.


Added invention calculator. It's still in beta phase and some things are missing like Decryptor ME/PE/Runs data, but invention chance and price calculations should work perfectly. Price fetching will come soon too.


Added buy tax setting for every material individually in manufacturing calculator. At the bottom of materials list there is now "Toggle Buy Tax", clicking that toggles buy tax setting checkboxes for each material. Ticking the checkboxes individually defines which materials should have market buy order tax applied and which not. "Save Prices" button saves prices along with buy tax settings, buy tax setting is saved per material typeID. This should add more precise finance calculations when some of your materials are manufactured and not bought from market.

Removed Buy Tax checkbox from manufacturing calculator settings which added buy tax to all materials.


From now on manufacturing calculator saves items to warehouse with manufacturing price instead of min. sell price (refresh browser cache). This means "Price" column in warehouse shows you original price without taxes for one unit of that item, this is the price you got that item with. "Sell Price" column in warehouse shows you original price + sell taxes for one unit of that item.

There is now warehouse settings on warehouse page where you can set those tax settings.

The items you have processed to warehouse from manufacturing calculator before this update still have minimum sell price with taxes in "Price" column. From now on however manufacturing calculator processes items to warehouse with original manufacturing price(no sell taxes applied). Warehouse "Sell Price" column shows now minimum sell price for one unit of that item, and "Sell Total" shows total sell price of that item (price * quantity + sell taxes).


Improved some backend code. (refresh browser cache)


Improved manufacturing calculator JavaScript backend code. (refresh browser cache, very important, there is a reset browser cache button in Options->General Settings in in-game browser) (if you discover an error or something seems wrong, please contact me)

Added R.A.M. damage per job percent to manufacturing calculator. While calculating manufacture costs, sell costs, profit costs etc. it uses now damage per job percent for R.A.M. items.
For example you are calculating Expanded Cargohold II, it requires 1 R.A.M. item per run and each run does 20% damage to the item. For 10 runs it requires 10 R.A.M. items to start the job, but consumes 10x20%=200% aka 2 R.A.M. items only. This calculation is taken into account now during finance calculations.
R.A.M. item damage per run percent can now be seen after the item name.


Fixed some bugs in JavaScript. (refresh browser cache)


Added warehouse info to Cart, new two columns in material tables. "In Warehouse" column shows how many units are currently in warehouse of that material and "After Warehouse" shows how many units you need to buy after warehouse quantity.


Added Check/Uncheck All checkbox to Cart. This saves you from ticking every checkbox individually if you have many rows in cart.


Updated data dump, Icon images and Types images to Inferno 1.2.


EVE Alliance Tournament X is over! Congratulations to Verge of Collapse for winning this year.


Alliance Tournament X

Support EVE-Cost by watching Alliance Tournament X livestream directly from this EVE-Cost front page! CCP will reward fansites with the most viewers throughout the two remaining weekends. For people who are interested in trying EVE Online, can do it exclusively with a 20 day trial during Alliance Tournament X. So Tune in to the stream during July 14-15 and July 21-22, also check out the more detailed tournament schedule, support EVE-Cost and most importantly EVE Online Community!

Alliance Tournament is over, stream taken down.


Added research time calculation to Manufacturing Calculator. Toggle Research button shows also research time now for selected blueprint according to research settings ML and PL level.


Made wallet journal Reports a bit more detailed. It shows specific refTypes too now. Example: Link to Image

Added NET Cash Flow to wallet journal reports.

On the Reports page, first character checkbox in the character list is automatically checked now.

On reports page if you leave time interval fields empty, then it will automatically show the first or the last transaction date time on top of the results page table.


Updated data dump to Inferno 1.1.


EVE-Cost just hit 400 users milestone.


Added EVE-Central price fetching to Refining Calculator. (Remember to refresh browser cache)


Updated data dump to Inferno 1.0.


Improved Cart code and made some minor improvements in general.

EVE-Cost just hit 200 users milestone.

New CEO of EVE-Cost is Acid Kanshi. Congratulations for this position.


Added "Currently selected item" info to Warehouse add type page.

Added a feature to warehouse where yellow colored text shows which item types are in Cart.


Added option to ignore rows in cart for "All" quantity/price calculations. For example now you can just ignore rows which market orders are already up if making new shopping list.


Added broker's fee option for materials cost. If you use buy order to buy your materials, then this should be checked.

Manufacturing calculator installation settings have been reset for ALL users. Sorry for the inconvenience. This will be the last one! Now all user settings are using the same method. Just reset the settings under manufacturing calculator.

Updated data dump to Inferno Escalation 1.0


Changed EVE-Central settings. Please refresh to update browser cache. Now the system select box will show only selected region systems. EVE-Central settings have been deleted for ALL users. Sorry for this. You can just reset them.

Because of this change, the calculator page has a lot better performance. It does not have to load all the systems anymore.

Fixed a bug in refining calculator isk/m3 live calculation.


Added EVE-Central query for Market Sell Price.

Brokers Fee checkbox option for materials will be added soon. Then you can define if you are buying them with buy orders or for example from a player, where Brokers Fee does not apply.

EVE-Central settings will be changed to a bit more comfortable aswell. Current idea is that Systems selectbox shows only currently selected Region systems.


Added warehouse custom lists. Now you can sort your warehouse items to custom lists. Example you can make T2 materials list, T2 products or capital components etc. To add and remove itemtypes from custom list, just edit the list while viewing that particular list. WARNING: Clicking on Delete button in a itemType row deletes that itemType from whole warehouse!

In warehouse page on itemType rows, Calc link now opens the calculator in new tab. It can get annoying to navigate back to warehouse all the time from calculator. Now you can just close calculator tab after doing your calculations while browsing your warehouse.


Added EVE-Central price fetching. It is the first release candidate, so it can contain bugs. Please report them if you see any.

Also thanks to Kristinsa by supporting this project with 25mil ISK.


ISK per hour calculation has been added to manufacturing calculator.


Changed some CSS, please refresh when you see something wrong.

Manufacturing Calculator: If a material can be produced with a blueprint, example Zealot requires Omen, then it will have a calculator icon link behind material one run amount input field.

Added "Save Price" button to General Results box. It allows you to save manufacturing cost of one unit or minimum sell cost of one unit. For example this allows more easily to calculate the prices of capital construction parts or some of the materials for t2 manufacturing.
Example: You open Erebus in the calculator. In the materials list you click on Capital Armor Plates calc link. It opens new tab in your browser where you calculate armor plate price and save the price. You close the tab and press "Get Saved Prices" button on Erebus page.


Changed warehouse ingame item links from showInfo to showMarketDetails. Added "Calc" link to warehouse Actions column for comfort.

Fixed a bug in manufacturing calculator. Process to warehouse function did not check if this type of item existed in warehouse before subtracting all the materials. Now it does.


It is now possible to hotlink items to calculator. For example: /calculator/index/12003. Syntax as you see is /calculator/index/typeID .

Calculator shows item typeID under the item image as a link now. You can for example just right click and copy link address.

Added Help page. Sorry for bad grammar. I learned my English from computer games. At least it is something I guess.

In relation to the calculator item hotlinking. There is now "Delete to Calc" link on Cart page. It deletes this line from Cart and throws you to calculator and prefills this item for you. It is how I usually use it. After buying the materials I delete the specific item from cart and go to calculator to process that item to warehouse.

Update button is now above "Active Jobs" and "All Jobs" buttons instead of below.


Fixed warehouse add and subtract errors.

Fixed a bug in manufacture calculator profit calculation. There was a small miscalculation with sales tax and brokers fee. Profit numbers are a bit smaller now but correct. Please refresh the page to update browser cache.


Character IndustryJobs fetching from API has been added. Corp API fetching coming soon for WalletJournal, Transactions and IndustryJobs.


Compressed some JS files and combined them into one file. The website should have a bit better performance now.


Added refining calculator and renamed manufacturing calculator in the main menu. All bugs and problems please send to Acid Kanshi. (Try refreshing the page if you see a problem, might be cache, if problem presists, contact Acid Kanshi please)

Calculator filter:

Usually you want to use filter, you probably never need to calculate all ores together. Can be slower for some browsers.

If you click on ore or ice row, it turns green. Select the ores you want to calculate and then click on "Filter Selected" button to filter non-selected ores out. If you are logged in, you can save filter. Type in your mineral or ice product prices and quantities if needed. If you are logged in, you can save prices also.

If you use the calculator with ingame browser. Clicking on item icon images opens that item market query.


Changed Basic View and Advanced View mechanics. Now there is only one button, "Show/Hide Settings".


Fixed WalletJournal and Transactions fetching from API finally. Both should be working completley now.

Moved advanced view installation settings box to upper side of the calculator.

Changed the whole style of the website. Feedback is welcome. Send evemail, post to forums or convo Acid Kanshi in-game.


Tech 2 items have now -4 material and production level as default pre-filled after your saved data. Since those are the most common numbers in most blueprints.

Changed some CSS class names. If something looks off, try refreshing the page. If problem presists, send an eve-mail or post in the forum topic.


Updated EVE data dump to Crucible 1.6.


Transactions should be fixed now.


Fixed "Update Keys" on API keys page. It actually updates the keys and updates/adds/deletes characters bound to it. Also fixed next billing date days left calculation.

Warning: Warehouse updating by transactions is bugged and is being worked on.

Update: Warehouse updating by transactions seems to work for now, but still needs more testing.


Added link with pre-defined key to API key add page. Makes it more simple to add new keys.


Fixed major bug in code related to API keys and characters. Improved transactions code and added journal fetching from API.

Reports will be updated in time for journal data so you can make more accurate reports. Currently reports are only transactions based.


Fixed errors for IE browsers. Eveyrthing should work in IE browsers aswell now.

EVE-Cost is now in EVE-Online official fansite list and http://3rdpartyeve.net project list.


Added account status api call to api keys under profile. Your API key must have AccountStatus checkbox ticked to see AccountStatus info. It will show next billing date and how many days until next billing date, account creation date, how many times you have logged in to game and forums and your account online time (how long you have been online in the game).


Changed calculator material in-game links from showInfo to showMarketDetails.

Added detailed feature to reports. Now you can see reports for specific items or all items you have sold or bought. Remember "Sell vs. Base Price Profit" is the warehouse minimum sell price vs. the price you solid it on market. So basically it tells how much profit you made from building cost vs. selling it. Remember, "Sell vs. Base Price Profit" is for only items which were sold from warehouse and the transaction time has to be newer than 2012-02-28 01:00:00, because base price feature was added then to transaction rows.


Improved walletTransaction script a bit, little stability improvements and fixed a nasty bug (3 hours of debuging lol) which could produce multiple copies of same transaction line. Related to transactions reports, now every "sell from warehouse" transaction line will also have the warehouse price added to it. So later you can see how much profit you have made from some item, manufacture cost vs. sell price. All walletTransaction lines fetched after 2012-02-28 01:00:00 will have warehouse price on them, if you are using it with warehouse ofcourse.

Added blueprint price field to calculator which is mostly useful for T2 items. (Remember to refresh your page for all the new features to work)


Added "Reports" to the main menu for logged in users. It makes reports based on your transactions traffic. Very simple, nothing fancy yet.

I made a in-game chat channel for this project "EVE-Cost" without quotes ofcourse. Users who have questions, bug reports, suggestions or any other feedback can join in and chat.


Fixed a bug with certain items not showing materials like "Photon Scattering Array". Fixed blueprint settings saving, where market sell price would not be saved.


Added save blueprint settings button. It will save selected blueprint material level, production level and market price.


Fixed a bug in calculator material name, when material name would contain / slash, the code would break.


Moved to new domain. COST has own personal domain now! Nothing was lost, so all the data is same.


Installation settings is now hidden by default and under advanced view at calculator page.

Added Production Efficiency and Industry skill options to calculator. You can find them under Installation Settings in calculator advanced view.


Added installation settings Save button. Also removed installation settings from profile settings as you can save them from the calculator now.


Fixed an issue with cart materials not showing the right amounts.

Improved cart view. Added more details.


Calculator has now new button "Add To Cart" and it has a friend, input field. It's basically a shopping cart system. If you want to buy multiple blueprint materials, then just add different blueprints to cart and under cart you can see all the materials you want to buy. It's beta phase currently.

EDIT: Added feature to delete transactions. I have no clue how I skipped that so far.

EDIT 2: Fixed an issue with thousand separator. Now thousand separator is empty space and decimal can be comma or dot, both work. Comma as a thousand separator will produce wrong calculations! This also fixes wrong amounts going to cart. All should be fine now.


Added another button to calculator. "Process Item To Warehouse" subtracts all the required material amounts from your warehouse and adds the finished product amount with "Minimum sell cost one unit" as price.


Added two new buttons to calculator. Now you can fetch prices from warehouse and the default saved prices at will.


Orange colored text are ingame browser links now. Changed and added some visual aspects to make it all look better.


Added API support. Users can add one or multiple API keys from different accounts under profile settings while logged in. API fetches characters to database and according to those characters wallet transactions are fetched. Depending on your settings in warehouse, wallet transactions will add bought item types to warehouse automatically. Warehouse and API support is still in beta phase, if you encounter any errors, please report them in this forum topic or send me EVE-Mail in-game.

The general idea of this systems is to build a comfortable accounting application for EVE Online to ease your gameplay. In future warehouse will be linked with the calculator also, where you can subtract building materials directly from calculator and add item to building queue.


Updated EVE data dump to Crucible 1.1.


Calculator is usable now without registering or logging in.


I did a complete overhaul of the whole system. The calculator is much better now.

Current bugs needed to fix and improvements to come: