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News archive - 2013


Fixed login session issues where some users had to login twice, this also fixed missing status messages like "Successfully logged in." or "Successfully logged out.".


Data dump updated to Rubicon 1.0.4.


Merry Christmas!


Removed the radio buttons save price controls from General Results box on Manufacturing Calculator since they are useless now with the ability to calculate prices for material materials on same page.

Added volume sizes to the General Results box on Manufacturing Calculator. Items which are packable, have also packaged volume shown inside parentheses.


Changed the layout of front page. Donators list is now vertical ordered by ISK sum descending and more news are visible without having to scroll.

Added Market Orders fetching from API. Market Orders can be found under Wallet gategory. Only personal orders at the moment, no corp yet.

Now all warehouse rows which have a market order row with same typeID have a little blue pill icon behind their row names. Easier to modify all your market orders by just clicking through the items in warehouse or directly from market orders page. A lot less clicking than doing through the in game orders tab on market.

Fixed warehouse row hover info bubbles going outside of the browser window.

Please report all bugs to Acid Kanshi. In-game or forums.


EVE-Cost donated 10bil ISK to Psychotic Monk suicide ganking event where all donations go towards Chribba fundraiser for the Red Cross to aid everyone in Philippines.


Fixed Reports -> Journal Reports. No more white page when user has massive amounts of walletJournal rows.


Fixed error on old refining calculator.

Fixed error in password recovery system.


Fixed several visual bugs where the BPC select dropdown menu would extend too wide and overlap other design elements in case of long names like "Mining Foreman Link - Mining Laser Field Enhancement II". Might require a refresh on your browser to load new CSS file.


Added BPC system. (refresh browser cache for new JS file) If you experience any bugs, please report them to Acid Kanshi in-game. You can view the process on youtube video made specially for this update. EVE-Cost - From Invention to manufacturing


Reprocessing calculator now has all the possible Station Equipment percentages available in the game from stations.

Updated jQuery library from 1.9.1 to 2.0.3 1.10.2. (IGB is too old for jQuery 2.0+ to work in)

Updated Timepicker for Datepicker from 1.2 to 1.4.1.

Updated qTip from 2.0.1 to 2.1.1.

Updated jQuery Migrate from 1.1.1 to 1.2.1.


Changed the look of buttons to similar of in-game buttons. They are darker now and better distinguishable.


Data dump, Types images and Icons images updated to Rubicon 1.0.


Everything should be done now. If you see this message, then this is the new server. If anyone experiences any problems, contact Acid Kanshi ingame. Thank you for your patience. Long live EVE Industry.

Currently there is a problem with website not working with www in front of the address. This issue has been fixed and should be live as soon as DNS refresh occurs.


WARNING: EVE-Cost is moving to a new server. Database moving will start after 7:00 am EVE Time today, so whatever you fetch or save after that time, won't be on the new server and will be lost. Also moving domain to new nameservers. Read only will last until both of those things will be done. News post will be posted when everything is done and good to go again. Apologies to everyone for any inconvenience done.


Data dump, Icons images and Types images updated to Odyssey 1.1.


Added material allocation feature on Queue page. This allows you allocate materials from warehouse for existing projects already in Queue while creating new ones on Cart page. On Queue page there is material allocation priority setting.


Warehouse rows info tip balloon shows now warning quantity as well, so one does not have to go to row Edit page to see the warning quantity.


Data dump updated to Odyssey 1.0.7


Added new column to warehouse table, Quantity Warning. While adding new warehouse row or editing you can set the Quantity Warning number. It warns you when your warehouse product quantity is getting low, which would suggest you to build more of those items. Example you manufacture 300 Survey Scanners with one batch. You have 300 of them in warehouse with a price and you put the market order up to sell them. While you fetch walletTransactions the warehouse rows get updated automatically, and when Survey Scanner row quantity gets below the warning quantity, it will show Red Triangle to tell you that those items are about to sell out on market. Green Triangle is obviously above the warning number.


Invention calculator Add to Cart works again. (refresh browser cache)


Fixed a bug in sub-material amount calculations on manufacturing calculator. (refresh browser cache)


Improved Reprocessing calculator backend code a bit. Replaced ISK/m3 column with One Unit Value. (refresh browser cache)

Improved Invention calculator. Both tech1 and tech2 blueprints are now searchable from search.


Cart and Queue "Delete to Calc" links now add "runs" amount as parameter to manufacturing calculator.

Manufacutring calculator now has "Add material BPs to cart" checkbox. If that checkbox is checked, the calculator will add only material blueprints to cart. (refresh browser cache)

Updated Warehouse mechanics. First of all, if you don't need any of the new mechanics, then nothing has changed for you, you can just work on as you were. New changes are optional. There is no limit for adding same typeID rows to warehouse anymore. There are 5 different flags on warehouse rows now. Buy and Sell are old ones, but Add, Take and Price are new ones.

All flags can be set customly whereever you want with one rule. Only one type of flag per typeID. Example you can have multiple rows with same typeID, but you can't have example Sell flag on more than one of them. Only one type flag per typeID across all same typeID rows. Also flags are not required to add new rows to warehouse. You can have for example 10 rows of same typeID and never add any flags to any of them.

Additionally warehouse rows can have custom names now. Users can rename them under Edit link, or while adding new ones, just type whatever to name field. Also while adding new rows, one requirement remains, every row has to be binded with a typeID.

Fixed a bug related to warehouse custom lists.


Data dump updated to Odyssey 1.0. Image files updated to Odyssey 1.0.


Password recovery is working again.

WARNING: Odyssey data dump will be implemented during Odyssey patching downtime in EVE. Some item materials can change so be aware.


This is just for information. The "Cache is invalid" error while querying the API is CCP side. Everyone just has to wait until CCP fixes the problem. Apologies to everyone.


Changed manufacturing, research, invention and reprocessing calculators settings visually. Every calculator has now one settings button on top right part of the content.


Changed Manufacturing calculator blueprint price mechanics. Calculating profits now uses "BPC one run price" according to how many runs "Runs" field has and multiplies with BPC one run price. Also added two additional fields to help get BPC one run price. BPC price is basically the old Blueprint price, this is the whole price of the BPC, and BPC runs is the amount of runs the BPC has. Filling these fields and pressing "Calc One Run Price" fills the BPC one run price field with one run price. (Refresh browser cache)

This change may seem a bit "too much complexity for such simple feature" now, but I have planned to overhaul Warehouse system and add couple of features to Invention Calculator. The reason for having "BPC one run price" is for later to fetch BPC run prices from warehouse in the upcoming updates. Those upcoming updates will add a lot of customization for warehouse and the possibility of processing BPC amount of runs with prices to warehouse directly from Invention Calculator and the ability to use that info on manufacturing calculator. This change will basically make the EVE manufacturing circle complete.

The whole diagram of EVE-Cost core structure planned can be seen from here. The part of what still needs to be added is colored Red, which is the only part missing.


Added select-on-click feature for quantity and you need quantity columns on Cart and Queue pages. (refresh browser cache)

Removed white border from main navigation button images on IE browsers.

Added button back with new icon for functionality to open material calculator in new tab on manufacturing calculator.

Materials on Cart and Queue pages are now sorted by name.

Improved the performance of some database tables. Users might experience faster loading times.


Invention calculator "Add to Cart" button now adds the required T1 BPC amounts to cart as well.


Solved an issue on Jobs page with character names. From now on jobs pulled from API should have all character names displayed correctly.


Queue and Cart pages now contain more detailed information about materials, including volume.


Quantities in Warehouse are now decimal numbers. This means that "Process to Warehouse" button on manufacturing calculator now subtracts R.A.M. items correctly and shows decimal number in warehouse if the quantity has decimal places. (refresh browser cache)

Added BPC price field to Invention calculator.


Fixed a bug with some items on manufacturing calculator not showing materials in Chrome and EVE-browser. Example Jump Freighters.

Fixed a bug on copy-parsers when one would paste more than one line of the same item and it would parse only the quantity of one line. Now it parses all quantities correctly.


Added "Save Material ME Levels" button to manufacturing calculator. This button saves all material materials ME levels.

Fixed some bugs.


Reduced significantly core eve-cost JavaScript file size, from 481 KB to 336 KB. This should reduce page loading time for slower internet speeds while updating browser cache or arriving on the page for the first time.


Nested material materials should be working now with all the calculations. Material price is calculated by its own materials only when the material materials list is expanded via calculator icon button.

Updated all JavaScript libraries to latest versions.

This was a major update, if you experience bugs, please report them to EVE-Cost forum topic or EVE-Mail to Acid Kanshi.


First alpha version of nested material materials on manufacturing calculator is ready. Example: Dread Guristas Torpedo Battery. There still are no calculations done with material materials, visual only, but soon calculations will be added as well with material ME level fields.


Save settings now also saves Blueprint Price in Item Settings box for blueprints on Manufacturing Calculator.


Fixed a bug in T2 materials on manufacturing calculator.


Fixed a bug in calculating manufacturing materials for blueprints in manufacturing and research calculator, this fix affects only Compressed ore blueprints.


Manufacturing calculator settings now allows users to save which material prices are loaded on item load by default, Saved Prices or Warehouse Prices.


Password recovery page has an actual password recovering possibility now.


Updated data dump to 1.1 Retribution.


During 19.02.2013 downtime when 1.1 Retirbution patch will be applied to EVE, EVE-Cost data dump will be updated to 1.1 as well. This means that the BC changes are coming as well along with manufacturing materials changes. Be warned.

Updated Icons and Types images to 1.1 Retribution.


Fixed a bug in the old Refining calculator where changing filters would stop the calculator calculating.


Added javascript checks to some of the calculators. If you have javascript disabled in your browser, then it will throw a message saying javascript is needed to operate instead of just showing a non-working calculator.


Added "Save Prices" and "Get Saved Prices" buttons to Invention calculator. (refresh browser cache)


Fixed a small bug in EVE-Central library which produced server side errors when the response from eve-central.com was not correct XML.

Cart Total Sum ISK amount and Warehouse total sum ISK amount have now word wrap disabled. This means they will always be on one line.

Added installation info to item rows on Queue and Cart pages.

Changed how materials expand from item rows on Queue and Cart page. (refresh browser cache)

Invention calculator accepts now T2 blueprintTypeIDs from url. Example: Zealot (12004). This will fix the "delete to calc" button on Cart and Queue pages for invention blueprint rows.

EVE-Cost passed 2k registered users milestone.

Added news archive. Front page requires less traffic now. Archive link can be found at the bottom of front page.


Added "Empty Warehouse" (changes all item type rows quantity and price to zero) and "Delete Warehouse" (deletes all item type rows from warehouse) buttons to the bottom of the Warehouse page.


Fixed a bug in retrieving Warehouse Prices on manufacturing calculator. It would produce "No typeIDs found." error if the user had never used "Save Prices" which saves buyTax settings.

Improved some error reporting in certain ajax calls. If you see something wierd or see an error, please report them, so they would be fixed.


Fixed a bug in retrieving manufacture materials for items which have material(s) as recycle=1 and that material on its own has materials only in extra material table. This was a problem for item(s) like for example: True Sansha Medium Beam Laser Battery.

Added item bookmarking to Reprocessing calculator. (refresh browser cache)


Shortened some row action names on Warehouse page. This will prevent some rows going multiline therefor keeping nicer look. Long named item like "Mining Foreman Link - Mining Laser Field Enhancement I" would make a row multiline.


Removed browser matching from EVE-Cost login session check. You can now be logged in from multiple different browsers. Example Chrome and in-game browser.

Fixed some errors introduced with the browser matching removal from session check.


Fixed error on Cart page when trying to exclude items from Total calculation.